‘’10’’ Office Ergonomics Tips

Nowadays, most of the people, that work in an office, suffer from nape pains, headaches, backaches etc, due to bad ergonomics. Both employers and employees, you should implement the following ergonomics tips, which they will help you to improve the work environment & your health, increase your productivity and feel less tired at the end of the day.

Thus, for a comfortable position make sure that:

  1. The back/waist holder is adjustable.
  2. Your chair provides good back support.
  3. Seat height is adjustable, so feet should touch the floor. In case they do, place a foot rest or lower the chair.
  4. There is no pressure inside the legs.
  5. There is plenty of room for comfortable seating and positioning.
  6. The arms are in almost horizontal position.
  7. The height and tilt of the display allow the head to be placed comfortably.
  8. The screen’s brightness and contrast are adjusted for clear viewing.
  9. The equipment you need is at a reachable point, so you we will not required to make unnecessary movements that will weary your body.
  10. You do not place the telephone headset between your ear and shoulder


Sources: Department of Labour Inspection

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