About Us

Mind the Gap, is a management consulting & training firm based in Cyprus. Our focus is on helping entrepreneurs fill their GAPS and build strong, effective businesses through professional services. We plan subsidised seminars approved by HRDA and we provide high quality Consulting and Management services. Each company’s needs and expectations is our priority.

Our Consultant’s vast experience enables us to provide valuable services in Developing of Integrated Management Systems according to Internationally recognised Standards such as ISO 9001, ISO 22000, ISO 45001, ISO 14001, ISO 27001, ISO 15189, BRC, IFS and more.

Additionally, as an approved by the HRDA Training Centre our Management Consultants plan and deliver multiple in-house and multi-business seminars, lectures and training courses in Cyprus, focused on ISO Management Standards, Communication, Cybersecurity, Sustainability and other Technical and Legal Schemes.

Among our Management Consulting services is the preparation of proposals for EU Funding Programs. More specifically, we help both companies and individuals to reach their goals through EU funds.

If you want a CHANGE, then contact us. What makes Mind the Gap different?

  • Passionate, young, collaborative and expert Consultants that bring results
  • Fresh ideas and effort to achieve change and continual improvement though our services.
  • Continued focus on our clients, their people and their business as if it was ours.
  • Emphasis on the results and efficiency of our services, by evaluating our client’s satisfaction.

‘’Setting goals is the first step in turning the invisible into the visible’’

Anthony Robbins

‘’Think global, act local’’

Akio Morita

‘’Happy customer that comes back for more is worth 10 prospects’’

Edwards Deming

‘’One of the main effects of evaluation of performance is nourishment of short-term thinking and short-time performance’’

Edwards Deming

‘’Managers who are skilled communicators may also be good at covering up real problems’’

Chris Argyris