AML and Financial Crime Compliance

Anti-Money Laundering and Financial Crime Compliance (AML)- 5 October 2022

Anti-Money Laundering & Financial Crime Compliance (AML)


5, 6, 12 & 18 October 2022

This seminar presents, analyzes and interprets the current legal framework for the prevention of money laundering and focuses on the obligations and responsibilities of legal entities and their employees regarding the measures they must apply for the collection of information and the exercise of supervision.

The ultimate aim of the training program is to develop the knowledge, skills and attitudes of individuals working in accounting, law and other related field, on issues related to the Anti-Money Laundering and Financial Crime Compliance, in order to be able to implement the appropriate legislation that is now mandatory by European directive and state law.


Opportunity for Certification

Participants, in addition to the Certificate of Attendance they will receive at the end of the Training Program, they are also getting prepared for the CySec exams, which are organized by an approved examination center.

If you are interested in the seminar and to get prepared for the CySec Exams, contact us