business logistics

Business Logistics seminar

Reduction of Purchasing and Storage Cost

New Subsidised Multi-Business Seminar

25&26 October 2018


The implementation of the specific training program involves the process of planning, implementing and controlling of the efficient and cost effective flow of all materials, from raw to final product / service, and all the related information from point of origin to point of consumption.

Aim of this seminar is to inform and familiarise the participants with the principles of the modern and rational management of Business Logistics. The techniques for implementing the above principles are presented in the program, with the ultimate goal of developing a clear strategy of the supply chain and setting targets for cost reduction across the chain.

Trainer: Tsakonas Michalis
Place 7 Michael Eracleous, 4101,

Industrial Area of Ayios Athanasios, Limassol

Dates 25 & 26/ 10/ 2018
Duration 14 hours  (9:00 –17:15)
Initial Cost €333 + [VAT (€63.27)]
Cost with Subsidy €95 + [VAT (€63.27)]


If you are interested to participate in the above program, book your place by contacting MINDTHEGAP team.

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