Chemicals & Biocides

Preparation of Biocides Registration Documents

The introduction of a biocide in the Cyprus market is regulated, so there is a series of procedures that a business needs to implement. Depending on the active substance contained in the product, a biocide can be registered either in accordance with the national law or according to the procedures provided by the European Regulation (EC) 528/2012.

In any way, our experienced management consultants will help you to successfully register your products and therefore to avoid any time delays and troubles with Legal Authorities.

Preparation of Labels for Chemicals

The suppliers of chemical substances and mixtures must label and package the substances and their mixtures in accordance with the CLP Regulation before placing them on the market. According to the regulation the label must provide specific information about the supplier, the product and its ingredients, warning cautions etc, that will help the customer to safely use it.

Our consulting and management services will help you to develop accurate labels, according to the requirements of the legislation, that will keep your customers satisfied and safe.