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Management Consulting Projects

The Management Consulting Projects focus on our clients’ specific needs and critical issues (e.g strategy, sales and marketing, customer care, human resources, operations – productivity etc).

Our experienced consultants provide tailor-made solutions that help the company to achieve consistency and to add value to its overall performance. Indicatively, our Management Consulting Projects may include Mystery Shopping, Strategic Plans, Customer Care Plans, Sales Improvement Plans, Business Restructuring etc.

Most of the Projects are structured as below:

  • Investigation of the current situation
  • Reporting and Discussion with the Management Team
  • Development of an Improvement Plan which may include:
  • Market Research
  • Development of Policies and Procedures
  • Training of the  Employees or/and the Management Team
  • Monitoring and Coaching
  • Results Analysis
  • Approval of the Plan by the Management Team
  • Implementation of the Plan
  • Evaluation
Preparation of Food Labels and Menus - including Allergens

Food labeling contains information provided by food businesses about their products. It covers all food products that are sold to the consumer directly as well as food that is sold to cafés, restaurants, and other catering establishments.

Food businesses must demonstrate clear and accurate information on each label and/or menu, in order to inform the consumers about the ingredients of the food they buy, the allergens, the nutritional value, the storage conditions as well as the cooking instructions etc.

Our specialized consultants will help you to develop accurate food labels, according to the requirements of the legislation, that will keep your customers satisfied and safe.

Preparation of Biocides Registration Documents

The introduction of a biocide in the Cyprus market is regulated, so there is a series of procedures that a business needs to implement. Depending on the active substance contained in the product, a biocide can be registered either in accordance with the national law or according to the procedures provided by the European Regulation (EC) 528/2012.

In any way, our experienced Consultants will help you to successfully register your products and therefore to avoid any time delays and troubles with Legal Authorities.

Preparation of Labels for Chemicals

The suppliers of chemical substances and mixtures must label and package the substances and their mixtures in accordance with the CLP Regulation before placing them on the market. According to the regulation the label must provide specific information about the supplier, the product and its ingredients, warning cautions etc, that will help the customer to safely use it.

Our specialised consultants will help you to develop accurate labels, according to the requirements of the legislation, that will keep your customers satisfied and safe.

Covid-19 Action Plan and Protocols Compliance

Governments all over the world had established Protocols which require the organisations to apply an Action Plan, in order to protect their employees, guests, and generally their business from the Coronavirus Pandemic (Covid-19). For some organisations the development of  an Action Plan is not easy, consequently the implementation of the preventive measures is deficient.

Our role is to identify the gaps in your business that may lead to a Covid-19 incident, to select the appropriate preventive measures and to develop an efficient  Action- Crisis Management Plan. As Health & Safety of Employees is a priority.