Exhibitions schemes for 2019

Scheme for the participation of companies in foreign exhibitions for the year 2019

The Ministry of Energy, Commerce, Industry and Tourism announced that it will accept applications from 31/08/2018 until 31/10/2018 for the participation of Cypriot businesses, at their own expense, in foreign exhibitions for the year 2019.


Beneficiaries & Grant Amount

Α/ Cypriot Service Providers

which according to the classification system of economic activities NACE, Rev.2, are classified into the following categories:

  • F Constructions
  • H Distribution and  και Αποθήκευση
  • I Accommodation and Catering Services
  • J Media and Communication
  • K Financial and Insurance Activities
  • L Real estate
  • M Professional, Scientific and Technical Activities
  • N Administrative and Supportive Activities
  • P Education
  • Q Activities Related to Human Health and Social Responsibilities
  • R Art and Entertainment
  • S Other Activities of Service Provision


Amount of Grant

The grant covers the 50% of expenses for:

  • space rental
  • cost of design and equipment of the stand
  • participation fees

The maximum fund per company is determined as below:

  • for service providers €2.563
  • for property developers €1.282

Β/ Cypriot Manufacturing and Commerce of Industrial and Agriculture products

Which are classified in factor C (according to the classification system of economic activities NACE, Rev.2) or in Groups/ Association of producers which are listed in the Annex I of the EU Treaty (Annex V).

  • For the commerce of products there are more terms
  • Excluding fishery and aquaculture products falling under Regulation (EC) No 104/2000.

Amount of Grant


  1. 50% of expenses for:
  • Rent, design and equipment of the stand
  • Transportation of goods and registration fees
  • Maximum fund €3.050 for normal products and €7.350 for big products
  1. Up to €700 per exhibitionfor the cost για το κόστος of promotional material and / or coverage of rental costs of TV and dvd.

For more information contact the ΜINDTHEGAP team.

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