Covid-19/ Business Continuity


All organisations are currently required to create an Action Plan for Covid-19 prevention, by adopting all these measures provided in the Government's protocols. The successful handling of Covid-19 requires planning, monitoring and employee's training. Scope of the training program is to provide participants with the necessary knowledge and skills that will help them not only to manage the situation but also to protect their employees Health and Safety as well as the company's liability.

Government Protocols

All incidents, as Covid-19 pandemic, are definitely unexpected and businesses need to face the results. Most of the incidents are related to risks and threats such as hazards, natural disasters (earthquakes, fires, floods, storms), loss of power supply (electricity, oil, etc.), virus infection (coronavirus, hepatitis), terrorism, government and political instability, which will lead to the company's temporary or complete closure. Consequently, on the question of what could make our business more resistant to such situations that would strengthen our chain link, the answer is prevention through a plan or even an entire System of Business Continuity (BCMS- ISO 22301: 2019). The purpose of the training program is to provide participants with the relevant knowledge and skills which will help them to recognise the risks, to analyse & evaluate them and to develop their own business continuity plan.

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