Innovative Risk Management

Innovative Risk Management with Enriched NIST Methodology -15 March 2022

Innovative Risk Management with Enriched NIST Methodology


15 & 17 March 2022


Risk Management includes the formulation of the risks faced by a company, their analysis, their classification with rational criteria, the recording of the probability that the risks will occur, the analysis of the impact that will occur (in terms of customers, partners, staff, Institutional Frame, Reputation, etc.).

This will lead the company to investigate precautionary measures to reduce either the likelihood or the consequences and risk management plans with a higher than an acceptable numerical limit. At the same time, it will assist the Company in the selection of countermeasures, which are compatible with the value of the resources they will protect, as well as in the prioritization of the implementation of these countermeasures.

The specific Training is Ideal for:

Business managers
Managers with responsibilities in decision making related to the management of organizational or technological risks, such as indicative Directorates or Departments: Operation, Projects (or new projects), Design, Production, Research and Development, Informatics or Computerization, Human Resources ( per business may vary)
Executives directly involved in proposing and / or making a risk management decision such as Data Protection Officers (DPOs), Risk Management Systems Officers, Information Security Officers or Health and Safety Officers and internal systems inspectors.


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