The ISO 22301:2019 is the current version of the standard that can be applied to any business of any size.

BENEFITS OF ISO 22301:2019

        • Helps on the prevention of multiple unpleasant consequences that follow a crisis or a disaster, such as: avoiding loss of sales revenue, avoiding loss of competitive advantage, avoiding of small or big delays, avoiding of insurance fees and any legal liability in agreements
        • Streamlined Processes: Improves the Performance of the Organization
        • Improves Operational Performance, The ISO 22301 is the international Standard that provides requirements for the development, implementation and improvement of a Business Continuity Management System (BCMS). The ISO 22301 standard is appropriate for organizations that want to ensure their business continuity and readiness in a disaster or a crisis.
        • Enhances: the protection of the organization’s name and reputation in the market.
        • Enhances customers and other interested parties’ satisfaction, as the organization will not stop serving them in case of disaster/crisis.
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