Labour Inspection Campaign in Supermarkets and Wholesalers

The Department of Labour Inspection aims at improving occupational safety and health, by implementing targeted inspection campaigns in different categories of Businesses in Cyprus. February is the month that the Department of Labour Inspection implements unannounced inspections in supermarkets and wholesalers all over Cyprus, in order to verify the implementation of Good Practices regarding the Health & Safety of their Employees and Customers.

The purpose of the campaign is to improve the awareness of both the management and the employees, in order to achieve the reduction of accidents, occupational illnesses and hazardous actions related to each companies’ processes.

The inspectors will check the compliance of the companies with the legislation through the existence of a risk assessment and the implementation of a risk management system. They will focus on the determination and implementation of measures for the risks arising from dangerous parts of machinery and equipment, sharp items especially in meat cutting machines, sausages and cheeses, using transport and lifting machinery and air quality of the premises. Finally, the overall performance of each company in H&S issues will be examined.


If you feel that your business does not meet all the above requirements, you can contact our

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Source: Department of Labour Inspection

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