New Dates for our Webinar – Data Protection Officers

Dates and Times

  • 15/06     13.30 -17.15
  • 16/06      13.30 -17.15
  • 17/06      13.30 -17.15
  • 18/06    13.30 -17.15

The New General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), which it has been applied in all businesses since May of 2018, has fundamentally changed the way the companies operate as it requires specific measures and controls. Among these requirements is the designation of a Data Protection Officer (for specific companies). The purpose of the training program/seminar is to support these individuals (DPO) by providing practical examples of the methods of control/ supervision/ inspection of the established measures. Additionally, to give them the necessary knowledge and ability to successfully apply these measures, so that the business is not exposed to an incident.

If you are interested in the seminar, contact us