Organisation & Management of a Pharmaceutical Warehouse

23 & 24 MAY 2019



The pharmaceutical warehouses /stores are a key part of the pharmaceutical market as they are the link between pharmaceutical companies (manufacturers / importers) and the pharmacies.

The current conditions of intense competition require the implementation of new techniques in Pharmaceutical Logistics, to keep up with the constant technological developments.

In addition, frequent changes in their prices have a serious impact on their availability, with the result that proper inventory management is more imperative than ever, and new cost-reducing techniques are being constantly sought for both in storage and throughout the supply chain.

The training program enables participants to improve the operations of the Warehouse, effectively manage inventory, equipment, space, staff and customer orders, at the best cost whilst providing a high level of Service.

The content of the seminar is ideal for all the people involved in the Pharmaceutical logistics, including purchasing, stores, distribution, sales, quality managers and pharmacists.

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