ISO Digital Transformation

Digital Transformation

The current Management Systems (ISO) requires the transition to digital solutions that will enable the implementation, control and improvement of the performance of the Management System and the company’s performance in general.

As specialists in Management Systems’ Development, we are able to offer, in collaboration with specialized IT consultants, solutions that will help each company to move to a digital environment.

The solutions concern a company’s processes as well as its Management Systems based on any ISO standard (9001, 22000, 45001, 14001, 27001 etc.) and not only. In other words, it can concern the overall organization of a company without necessarily applying a standard or having to be certified.

This transition can be partial or total, immediate or gradual and is applied by

  • identifying
  • recording
  • evaluating

the special needs of each company (customization). Consequently, we are not talking about a specific software, but for the development of a solution based on the processes, systems, software (hardware) and hardware (hardware) equipment of each company.

The know-how and experience of Mind The Gap’s consultants in combination with the special knowledge and experience of the IT Consultants lead to the creation / development of the ideal solution for each company.

Benefits of Digital Transformation

  • Enhances business performance by optimizing quality management
  • Evolves the way the business operates from reactive to proactive achieving better operation and saving resources
  • Strengthens the internal procedures of the organization for real quality management without unnecessary bureaucracy and waste of resources
  • Enhances the way decisions are made (at all levels of the hierarchy) utilizing Realtime insights and analytics
  • Identifies and deals with issues accurately, such as non-compliances, failures, complaints, risks, etc. in an easy and efficient way involving all the necessary members of the organization for each case
  • Ensures that Quality is applied to the extent required
  • Learns to use Technology to ensure that the Organization thrives in today’s technology markets
  • Automates the Approval / Rejection of Issues procedures, such as staff licenses etc. with one click from mobile or computer
  • Upgrades the digital skills of the staff
  • Harmonizes staff with the culture and vision of the company
  • Promotes a culture of innovation and entrepreneurship
  • Effective training for a smooth transition to Digital Transformation
  • Coordinates the company with the New Digital Age and utilizes the technologies of the 4th Industrial Revolution, such as Artificial Intelligence and Predictive Analytics
  • Gives the business the opportunity to implement strong artificial intelligence (AI) and business insights
  • Monitoring the processing of procedures
  • Smooth transition from the paper work to the digital workspace