Tips for a CV Preparation

8 DON’Ts in a CV


  1. Avoid large text and small font
  2. Do not write irrelevant and useless work experience for a specific job position
  3. Avoid inconsistent formatting
  4. Do not use personal pronouns and abbreviations
  5. Avoid a photo, unless it is required in the job application. In that case choose a photo that you look serious and adjust the privacy settings of your social media photos, so the recruiters will not have full access.
  6. Do not provide a wrong or not professional email address e.g «».
  7. Do not use 2 languages in the same CV (for example using English words in a Greek CV)
  8. Do not prepare it in an unacceptable storage format


8 DO’ s in a CV


  1. Write clearly your personal information
  2. Provide in 3-4 lines your Career Objective
  3. Write your Education (master’s degree, bachelor’s degree, high school) starting from the most recent one.
  4. Write your work experience as follows: job position, duration and the company’s name. Start from the most recent one.
  5. Write your Qualifications – recognized certificates such as foreign languages, computers, accounting, etc.
  6. Extra Curriculum Activities – seminars you have attended, publications, participations in organizations and groups, contests, etc.
  7. Report in a line your interests without any explanations and analysis.
  8. References -write the contact information of the people they have already given to you, otherwise write that they are ‘’available on request’’.


Prepared by Elina Andreou.

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