Warehouse Management Certified Executive – 18 May 2022

Warehouse Management Certified Executive


18, 19, 25, 26, 31 May 2022

The specific training program is developed for individuals that want to improve their skills in the warehouse management processes. It provides the way the products and materials should be correctly managed, from the point of origin to the final
consumer (point of consumption). This includes among others, the procedures of  purchasing, receiving, storage, picking and delivery. It also provides information about cost management and efficiency in the warehouse. 

The ultimate goal of the program is the familiarization of the participants with the principles of modern and rational warehouse management, while a the techniques for their implementation are presented. 

The training program is ideal for experienced or new warehouse executives or individuals that are interested in the field of warehouse management and logistics. 

Opportunity for Certification

Participants, in addition to the Certificate of Attendance they will receive at the end of the Training Program, they have the opportunity, if they wish, to attend the exams obtaining for the title of “Certified Warehouse Management Executive”.

The examination process is organized by ACTA Cyprus, a branch of the ACTA Certification Body in Cyprus; and the Certificate of Professional Qualifications that will be received by those who succeed in the examination, is directly  issued by the ACTA Certification Body.

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